Alison Davis
Birthday: April 12
FIRM Instructor since 2002
"The FIRM is the key to continued success. You will reap it's benefits every time you do a workout! Whether you are new or an experienced exerciser, the results you see and feel will amaze you."

I began taking classes at The FIRM with my good friend and now fellow Instructor, Annie. I was a sophomore at Columbia College at the time. After my years of experience in dance I was looking for different ways to challenge my body. Annie and I began running and enjoyed it so we joined the cross-country team. I lost weight running, but my body still looked flabby. My arms looked tiny, I had no waistline, and my thighs were like Jell-O. I wanted a fun, effective workout. Annie and I went to Sue Mi's 7:30 PM Aerobic Weight Training class at The FIRM. We were both amazed. We were so drenched with sweat when we got back to our dorm that our friends thought that we had gotten rained on! The FIRM workout was amazing because it was a challenge while fun at the same time. We felt great after that first class, so we were hooked. My arms became more defined, my abdominals were flatter and my thighs were leaner after a few weeks. I quickly became a FIRM Believer! A couple of years after that, I auditioned to be an Instructor. I wanted to help people feel the way I felt after my first class and every class after that. The next summer Annie auditioned as well! I continue to feel the benefits of The FIRM workout after each class and enjoy providing others that same feeling.

The FIRM Workout Participation

Alison is a lead in:
  • Ultimate Fat Burning Workout
  • Sculpt and Tone Pilates
  • Express Yoga
  • Bootcamp: Maximum Calorie Burn
  • Cardio Overdrive
  • Core Solutions
  • Cardio Dance Fusion

    Alison is a co-lead in:
  • Cardio Party
  • Alison is a cast member in:

  • Aerobic Body Shaping
  • Supercharged Sculpting
  • Ultimate Calorie Blaster
  • Jiggle Free Abs
  • Jiggle Free Arms
  • Jiggle Free Buns
  • Cardio Dance Slim Down
  • Fat Burning Sculpting Ball
  • Fat Burning Cardio Sculpt
  • Slim and Sculpt Stability Ball
  • Slim Solutions Yoga for Beginners
  • Power Sculpt
  • Cardio Inferno
  • Hard Core Fusion
  • Cardio Party
  • Burn & Shape
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