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About The Zip Trainer

In The FIRM's ongoing quest to create amazing workouts that get real women, real results in less time, we've created the most fun and effective, rapid weight loss and speed-sculpting plan ever! By combining cutting-edge scientific research with the hottest fitness trends, we've designed workouts that are... a ball!

Introducing The FIRM Zip Trainer System, an innovative at-home DVD fitness program using one of the most ingenious workout products ever invented. This is the first piece of fitness equipment to incorporate all of the dynamic benefits of cardio, sculpt, core strength and balance training into a single, complete system that will help YOU lose weight and get the body of your dreams in just 60 days!

The FIRM Zip Trainer System offers you:

  • An ingeniously simple fitness tool that can be used 8 different ways to do more than 200 highly effective exercises
  • An all-in-one design that includes the most significant update to the fitness ball in years
  • The FIRM's Short Burst Training method for rapid results - it's an interval training technique designed to cut your workout time in half
  • Sculpting, cardio and flexibility training all at once and all in just 15 minutes per workout; combine for longer or more varied routines if desired
  • A two-cycle system specifically sequenced to optimize your weight loss in just 60 days
  • The ability to track your results and improve your fitness with The FIRM Fit Test
  • Flat abs through constant core muscle engagement
  • The FIRM is the ONLY fitness innovator utilizing this revolutionary technique. You won't see this in any other workout program!
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee**
  • INCLUDES: Zip Trainer, 3 ALL-NEW DVDs, 3 lb Core Ball, Fitness Guide, detailed workout rotation calendar, Nutrition Guide featuring an all-new Flat Belly Diet and 60-day mix and match meal plan, FREE 7-Day Supply The FIRM Energy Formula ††, FREE 60-day VIP web club membership where you'll receive access to the 15-minute Jump Start workout (to watch online or download to your PC!) and MORE. See complete details.

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What You Get

The FIRM's Master Instructors never stop searching for cutting-edge research and science to make The FIRM's already superior Cardio + Sculpt fitness formula even better than ever before, and they've found it with this amazing fitness breakthrough! Introducing the next generation of accelerated weight loss workouts, The FIRM Zip Trainer System. It's our quickest, most effective weight loss plan yet.

The FIRM Zip Trainer

An ingeniously simple 5-pound fully zipped fitness tool, with a removable 3-pound Core Ball, can be used 8 different ways to do more than 200 highly effective exercises that melt away fat and sculpt your muscles to perfection. This all-in-one design is the most significant update to the fitness ball in years, and was designed to make your workouts ... a ball! The "squish factor" creates dynamic and reactive moves that will target those deep muscles you didn't even know you had and that's what makes the Zip Trainer so effective. It's truly unlike any other fitness product available.

You can use the Zip Trainer 8 different ways:

  1. Balance On It: to intensify core training
  2. Lift It: for added resistance
  3. Step On It: for a fat-blasting cardio workout
  4. Toss It: to engage the entire body during playful cardio and power moves
  5. Kneel On It: for comfort during push-ups or core conditioning
  6. Roll It: to improve strength, coordination and agility
  7. Lean On It: to add instability or challenge your balance
  8. Stretch On It: to increase flexibility

3-Pound Core Ball

This soft 3-pound ball can be inserted into the Zip Trainer to increase the resistance and challenge of your workout. Or, use it separately as a hand weight to sculpt your arms, engage your core and increase the intensity of cardio moves. This soft alternative to a hand weight is easy to hold and fits comfortably in your hand.


The FIRM Master Instructors Allie, Stephanie, and Emily build a strong fitness foundation with three 15-minute workouts and a Jump Start program all designed for maximum weight loss that will get you ready for what's to come!

Jump Start
This program takes you step-by-step through the 8 signature moves used throughout The FIRM Zip Trainer System. The FIRM Master Instructor Emily coaches you through each and every one of the exercises to ensure that you're performing them precisely, with impeccable form and at your own pace.

Cardio 1
The FIRM Master Instructor Allie leads off the cycle with this fun, easy-to-follow workout featuring the Zip Trainer and the 3-pound Core Ball. No matter what your fitness level, Allie offers just the right modifications and motivation to ensure you get the most from your workout.

Sculpt 1
Join The FIRM Master Instructor Stephanie for a workout that alternates upper and lower body weight training. It's a heart pumping, body sculpting bonanza that accelerates fat burn and powers up muscle sculpting to the max.

AMP Reps 1
AMP it up, as in "As Many Possible" Reps with this FUN, fast and furious AMP Reps workout led by The FIRM Master Instructor Emily. You'll go all out with The FIRM signature moves; one minute each; pushing out as many reps as possible. The recovery periods are just 30 seconds and the goal here is to push yourself as hard as you can.


The FIRM Master Instructors Alison, Kelsie and Annie put a greater emphasis on balance and deep body sculpting with three workouts that will push you like nothing you have ever done before!

Cardio 2
This workout turns up the volume on fat burning and weight loss by repeating all four Short Burst Training intervals twice and slashing recovery time in half. That means double the intensity and double the fun! The FIRM Master Instructor Alison provides plenty of modifications along the way to ensure you're always working out at the level that's right for you.

Sculpt 2
The FIRM Master Instructor Kelsie leads this sculpt-and-strength workout packed with moves that challenge your balance and agility. You'll use lighter weights than you did in Sculpt 1 so you can focus on form and really zero in on every muscle.

AMP Reps 2
The FIRM Master Instructor Annie takes you through this super challenging AMP "As Many Possible" Reps workout. This time around you'll do The FIRM signature moves for one minute each but with the added challenge of higher resistance. It's hard work with a big payoff! See how many reps you can do to push your limits and speed up results.

Fitness Guide

The Fitness Guide explains everything you need to know about The FIRM Zip Trainer System, including how it works and the revolutionary fitness concept called Short Burst Training. This supercharged, high-intensity form of interval training delivers the same fat burning benefit as 30 minutes of traditional cardio, in half the time! With the Fitness Guide, you may create your own Customizable Workout plan or use the included 60-Day Rotation Calendars that will tell you which workouts to do on each day. Also included is The FIRM Fit Test that is designed to measure your overall fitness results. You will be amazed at the fitness progress that you can make in just 60 short days!

Nutrition Guide

A proper, healthy diet is a critical piece of any exercise regimen, and we've created the Nutrition Guide specifically to compliment and improve your results with The FIRM Zip Trainer System. And because The FIRM nutrition philosophy is so practical and rational, it can easily be incorporated into any busy lifestyle! The Guide includes a comprehensive 60-day Mix-and-Match eating plan and meal calendar, more than 75 delicious and healthy meals and snacks to choose from AND a maintenance plan. Plus, you'll get The FIRM's Ab Diet secrets. Whittle your middle faster than you ever thought possible!

Barefoot Abs FREE BONUS!

No shoes and no crunches here! This Barefoot Abs routine, led by The FIRM Master Instructor Alison uses scientifically-proven core and ab exercises combined with fat-blasting Short Burst Training intervals to shrink your waistline and reveal that sleek, sexy, flat stomach in no time. Doing the moves barefoot forces you to make small, continual adjustments to your body position in order to stay in balance and that just makes the moves even more effective.

60-Day VIP Web Club Membership FREE BONUS!

Learn about the secret to REAL success by becoming a member in The FIRM Believers Club. We give you the first 60 days absolutely FREE!

The FIRM Believers Club offers daily personal coaching and motivation from The FIRM Master Instructors, hundreds of streaming workouts led by The FIRM Master Instructors, including the Jump Start Workout! Customizable meal plans and recipes, smart diet and weight loss advice, from registered dietician Sara Ryba, and 24x7 community support and motivation. Don't miss your chance to maximize your success - join us at The FIRM Believers Club today!

The FIRM Energy Formula†† FREE BONUS!

The FIRM Energy Formula is an exclusive formula designed to increase ENERGY & STAMINA and support MUSCLE BUILDING & WEIGHT LOSS. It is a proprietary blend of mega potency "B" vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and natural botanicals. These nutrients boost energy, support immune health and have been carefully selected to be safe and natural.

7-Pound Core Ball Ultimate Only!

Ready for advanced results? Insert the 7-Pound Core Ball into the Zip Trainer to create 12 pounds of resistance for the ultimate workout! Can also be used separately as a hand-weight. The 7lb Core Ball is available exclusively with the Ultimate Edition.

FIRM & CARDIO Upper Body Ultimate Only!

Master Instructor Emily leads you through a 30-minute CARDIO workout to max out calorie burn and focus on your UPPER BODY for gorgeous arms, shoulders, chest and back. Do the entire 30-minute program or select the 12-minute Upper Body or 12-minute Cardio workout to fit your mood and schedule. This title is available exclusively with the Ultimate Edition.

FIRM & CARDIO Lower Body DVD Ultimate Only!

Master Instructor Allie leads this 30-minute fat-melting CARDIO blast and all-out LOWER BODY workout for a toned butt, hips, and legs. Do the entire 30-minute program or select the 12-minute Lower Body or 12-minute Cardio workout to fit your mood and schedule. This title is available exclusively with the Ultimate Edition.

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The FIRM's most innovative fitness system yet. Get everything you need to lose weight and get the body of your dreams in just 60 days!

All the benefits of the Deluxe Package PLUS get even greater results with the 7 lb Core Ball, four additional workouts (on 2 DVDs) and FREE Shipping! Total FREE Bonuses Valued at $70!

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  • The FIRM Zip Trainer System Deluxe Ultimate
  • Zip Trainer (5 lb)
  • 3 lb Core Ball (yellow)
  • Cycle 1: REV! DVD w/ 3 workouts
  • Cycle 2: PEAK! DVD w/ 3 workouts
  • Fitness Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • 60-Day VIP Web Club Membership FREE
  • The FIRM Energy Formula†† FREE
  • Barefoot Abs DVD FREE
  • 7 lb Core Ball (blue)
  • FIRM & Cardio Upper Body DVD w/ 2 Workouts
  • FIRM & Cardio Lower Body DVD w/ 2 Workouts
  • No Add'l Shipping! $10 VALUE
  • Total Value of FREE Bonuses $60 $70
  • Non-Member Price Just 3 payments of $39.99* Just 4 payments of $39.99*
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Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition.

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