success stories
Discover how women – just like you – have used The FIRM to help them reach their fitness, weight loss and health goals. Get inspired & motivated how these women use dedication and perseverance (and, of course, The FIRM) to build the bodies they want.

Start Weight: 251.6 lbs.
Current Weight: 140 lbs.
Start Size: 22W
Current Size: 6
Total Weight Loss: 111 lbs

I am FREE FROM FAT! I have lost 20 inches in my abdomen alone! The FIRM has totally remodeled my body; I now have ME back and I plan on keeping her! Are you looking for something that will TOTALLY remodel your body?? The FIRM will deliver! You’re never too overweight, too out of shape, or too old to change your body. If you have that desire, The FIRM is what you need!

Start Weight: 247.5 lbs.
Current Weight: 140 lbs'
Start Size: 24W - 26W
Current Size: 8
Total Weight Loss: 107.5 lbs

I’ve always been overweight. I remember back to school shopping for my freshman year of high school, searching for a size 18 pair of jeans. I was fourteen. Poor food choices and a lack of exercise and the pounds continued to find me!  I can't say enough positive things about The FIRM and what it has helped me accomplish! The FIRM definitely provides the tools to get the job done in a fun, effective way!  I couldn’t have done it without The FIRM! Thank you!  You CAN do it, even if you are 100 pounds overweight!

Start Weight: 226 lbs.
Current Weight: 135 lbs.
Start Size: 22-24
Current Size: 4-6
Total Weight Loss: 91 lbs

If it weren't for The FIRM, I would still be 226 pounds, sitting on the couch, watching life from the sidelines. The FIRM has given me an active life in which I participate in all sorts of activities with my children. We hike, roller blade, bike ride...and I can still catch my 13 year old when he tries to run from me! The FIRM has improved my moods so much so that I constantly laugh and smile, even through the most stressful of times. The FIRM is SO MUCH more than weight loss. The FIRM reaches into your life and changes you in ways you would never expect. Never underestimate what you are able to achieve. You never know unless you try.

Start Weight: 225 lbs.
Current Weight: 140 lbs.
Start Size: 18
Current Size: 4-6
Total Weight Loss: 85 lbs

I remember feeling overweight and upset that someone would notice how tight my clothes were.  When I saw the picture I was horrified.  I'd denied the obvious for too long!  I saw the infomercial and was inspired by the story I saw of Cindy Eldridge and decided I needed to try this FIRM program.  I am a FIRM believer to this day and can't tout its benefits enough!  This year I attended MANY family functions and was in the festivities instead of hiding.  The FIRM has given me my life back..... Actually a better life than I ever dreamed!  I have so much more confidence now than at any point in my life... including when I was in high school and thin. 

Start Weight: 203 lbs.
Current Weight: 146 lbs.
Start Size: 16-18
Current Size: 6-8
Total Weight Loss: 57 lbs

I have always struggled with my weight, and ran 30 to 40 miles a week to try to control it until both of my boys were diagnosed with Autism.  Suddenly, I didn’t have the time to devote to hours of running and the weight quickly piled on.  The FIRM works.  It *is* my magic bullet!!  I am in the best shape of my life – even stronger and leaner than I was when I was running all those miles!   The FIRM gives me an effective EFFICIENT workout that takes a minimum amount of my time. I know lots of people who see infomercials and think "those people aren't real."  Well, *yes* we are.  And you can be one of us.