History of The FIRM®

It all began in 1979 when The FIRM Studio opened in South Carolina. By combining cardio and weight training, The FIRM recognized that people could burn fat, build muscle and get the bodies they wanted safely, effectively and quickly. This revolutionary cardio-plus-body-sculpting fitness hybrid we call Synergy Training formed the basis for The FIRM method then and is still central to The FIRM philosophy today. It didn't take long for fitness enthusiasts to catch on, and The FIRM was off and running.

When The FIRM decided to share their successful method with people who were unable to travel to the Studio, the at-home workout series was born. Considered "America's #1 exercise videos," The FIRM received glowing reviews and top professional awards from the very start. Along the way, The FIRM acquired a dedicated following who call themselves The FIRM Believers. These women and men have had great results with The FIRM home fitness workout routines.

Since then, The FIRM has sold more than ten million workouts. Today, The FIRM mission is to continue researching and creating superior fitness techniques and products for reshaping and toning the body. The FIRM has not only changed the direction of the entire fitness industry, it has also redefined our attitudes toward fitness and health. Try The FIRM today!